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Blind to the threat

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Satellite observation is vital to understanding climate change and the threat it poses to national security, but the U.S. government has ignored warnings that the aging environmental satellite system is close to collapse. Now the Obama administration wants to make up for lost time — but increased satellite spending will face some Republicans in Congress who call climate change a hoax.

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Our man in the greenhouse

WASHINGTON–Drought, crop losses and natural disasters breed state instability,violence and extremism, and climate change stands to make bad situations worse. But current and former national security officials say the U.S. government needs to know a lot more to prepare for the coming threat.

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Arctic military posturing heats up

KODIAK, Alaska–While many of the national security threats posed by climate change exist in the realm of the future, the changes in the Arctic are happening right now —but some say the U.S. government is unprepared for the challenges they bring.

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